The monsters of inkwhich well

The monsters of inkwhich well

An Octosyllabic Science Fiction

Starring a starfaring clown, their robot navigator and the quadrupedal Whale of Word Wood, The Monsters of Inkwhich Well’s ninety-five stanzas tell the science-fantastical tale of Inkwhich City, a forest metropolis in whose mazes librarian Dinward, Boy At Well’s Bottom and Father Leermeyer must battle a cast of uncanny creatures in an adventure from which they will not return.
  1. Nombre
    • Steven McClain

    • (Connecticut, 1984): Egresado de la Universidad de Virginia (Charlottesville, EE. UU.) con Licenciatura en Lengua y Literatura Inglesa y Filosofía en 2007 y de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (España) con Máster en Estudios Literarios en 2014 y Doctorado en Estudios Literarios en 2019, McClain es profesor del Instituto de Idiomas del Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras de la Universidad del Norte en Barranquilla, Colombia. 


Chapter OneBestiary, Boat, and Building

Chapter TwoClown Wattwright and the Word Wood Whale

Chapter ThreeThe Prisoners of Turnbelly

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